General Assembly of Békés County

Telephone: +36-66/441-156; fax: +36-66/441-122

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Békés county is situated in South-Eastern Hungary, on the Great Hungarian Plain, in the heart of the Carpathian Basin. It was already populated in centuries 5–4 BC, and although badly shaken by the storm of history – first the Mongol invasion, then the Turkish rule devastated the region – it stood up again, due to its natural aptitudes.

It is characteristic of the county that many peoples/nations co-exist peacefully, there is no other place in Hungary where so many nations live together: Romanians, Slovakians ,Polish people, gipsies, Serbians, Germans found their happiness here. This region is famous for its values, its natural, cultural and gastronomical treasures are many and the thermal spas and spas are outstanding. Along the agriculture, tourism is very important and the tourist centres of the county are visited by people from abroad.You can find in depth information on this on the website below:

Should you have any requests, questions do not hesitate to contact us at (5600 Békéscsaba, Árpád sor 18. telephone number 00 36-20/500-1099, you can write us In English and we will reply by return.

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